C. Edward Hillis

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Founder & President

Directs the firm's overall operations

University of Missouri, B.A.
Building with Domus since 1976

Roy S. Rosenberg

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Directs the firm's Project Management staff and Finance Department
Green Advantage Certified

Temple University, B.S. - Civil Engineering / Construction Technology

Building with Domus since 2000

Robert V. Malagoli

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Directs Field Operations and Project Management staff

Temple University, B.S. - Marketing / Finance
Building with Domus since 2003

B. Scott Zuckerman

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Certified Passive House Tradesperson
Directs Marketing and Business Development

Temple University, B.S. - Real Estate / Finance

Building with Domus since 1999

Thomas Pyle

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Director of Project Management

LEED AP – Building Design & Construction
Oversees the Project Management Staff

Temple University, B.S - Architecture
Building with Domus since 2001

Mark Halstead

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Chief Estimator

Certified Passive House Tradesperson
Oversees the Estimating Department

Building with Domus since 2006